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Technical Information & FAQs

The following is designed to help you prepare your printed material in a manner that will minimize and/or eliminate the problem areas which impact upon quality, cause an increase in turnaround time, add cost and cause bindery problems in the production of film laminated, UV, aqueous, blister and remoistenable glue coated work.


Particular ingredients in all inks can cause color leaching, bleeding or color fading when sheets are film laminated, UV or aqueous coated. These are Rhodamine Red, Reflex Blue and PMTA Pigments. PMS Purple and Green are Alkiline sensitive. Metallic inks and some Prime Coats can affect the adhesion of film, UV and aqueous coating to the finished product. Inks must also dry prior to laminating or coating.


Should be of the highest quality and used sparingly if the look and feel of “sandpaper” is to be eliminated and the highest gloss levels are to be achieved.


Allow one half inch (1/2”) waste on all four (4) sides of the sheet. Ink, varnish and primers should also be one half inch (1/2”)
from all four sides of the sheet.
Send a rule out sheet with all jobs. Gripper and side guide areas must be clearly marked.


Use only wax free, teflon free and silicone free inks with reduced solvent content.
Excessive levels of emulsified fountain solution will result in poor adhesion of UV coating to the ink surface.
Cast coated and uncoated stocks are not recommended for UV because the coating will soak into the stock.
Allow one half inch (1/2”) waste area on all four (4) sides of the sheet to be coated.
For overall UV or aqueous coating , send a rule out sheet with all jobs. Gripper and side guide areas must be clearly marked.
For blanket spot UV coating send a printed sheet ruled out with clearly marked areas where UV coating is to be omitted.
For an example, glue flap areas, or an address label area.
For silk  screen spot UV coating send a full sheet, film positive, right reading, emulsion side up. All black areas showing on the positive will be getting UV coating on the printed sheets. You can also send a PDF file so we can make the film positive for you.
Where the remoistenable glue area is, there should be no aqueous coating or ink under it or where it sticks to it.


Send a rule out sheet with gripper and side guide areas clearly marked; die vinyl or a pdf file and if possible, a sample of the previous job.


Along with all quote requests, supply a layout diagram indicating where scores; perforations; folds; and glue areas are.
It is important to remember to store finished mailers in a cool, dry place to prevent the remoistenable adhesive from activating.  Along with all jobs, send a rule out sheet with gripper and side guide areas clearly marked. Also clearly mark the areas in which scores; perforations; folds; remoistenable, permanent and/or fugitive glue is to be applied.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Our Genies

Q) How fast can I get a job done?

A) We offer same day, 24-hour, regular (2-3 days) and weekend service on most jobs.

Q) What are your regular shipping & receiving hours?

A)See our contact page for our up to date hours.

Q) What are your payment terms?

A) For new customers, COD; for existing customers whose credit worthiness has been established, terms are 1% 10 days, Net 30 days. We also accept these credit cards: American Express, Visa, M/C & Discover. 

Q) How do I get a sealed edge of plastic on a job?

A) The job is cut to size first, then using an oversized film we rigid laminate it.

Q) If a job is already varnished or aqueous coated, can I still get it coated or laminated?

A) Yes, if a wax-free varnish or aqueous coating was used. If the varnish or aqueous coating wasn’t wax-free, then we would recommend running samples first.

Q) How do I get a job that looks like 3-D?

A) The job can be either embossed on our Bobst or M-Boss on our Sakurai Silk screen press.

Reach out to us today to find out how we can finish your next print job ahead of schedule, under budget and at a quality you'll have to see to believe!

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